I want to shop (in Pitt) Wednesday!

Wednesday is the day of all the PreSales! What is a PreSale?

They are special shopping times for expectant parents, new parents, grandparents, foster & adoptive parents, parents of multiples, working parents, frontline workers, daycare and preschool staff!

Now Let’s Get You Registered for your time slot…

We’d love to have you join us at the sale! Choose the PreSale you qualify for below!

Early Bird

10:00am – 9:00pm

This is for anyone who just wants to be “THE FIRST THROUGH THE SALE”. The cost is $10 cash, per adult. Children are free. Preregister to get your pass OR pay at the door. You are shopping for everything! Early Bird tickets are non-refundable. 

Daycare & Preschool StafF

12:00PM – 9:00PM


In order to shop during this presale, you need to advertise our event to your clients!  Do you work at a daycare or preschool? Then this sale is designed for you. Come out after your workday has ended, just preregister and show your badge at the door. You usually have a laundry list of items and spend most of your time in our toy room. You need all the toys, books, and games that we have – in duplicate! Make sure to hit the book department first, especially the board books! Then check out the furniture for an extra changing table, or storage bins. We provide itemized receipts, so make sure to keep it for your tax purposes.

Thank you for telling your families about our sale!

New Parent

1:00pm – 9:00pm

This is for expectant moms & dads, & first time parents with a baby under 12 months. You are shopping for ALL the baby stuff! Strollers, pack and plays, high chairs, bouncers, bottles, bath tubs, cute baby shoes, and, of course, clothing! Don’t forget Mom – We have ALL THE MATERNITY CLOTHING, nursing bras, breastfeeding books, and baby slings that you never knew you needed but are SO HELPFUL!

Adoptive & Foster Parents

1:00PM – 9:00PM

This is for parents who are fostering or have recently adopted a child. You are shopping for the basics to have on hand when a child is placed with you! You never know what you’re going to need, so getting some basics at a great price is always helpful! It’s always good to have some extra toys or clothes just in case!


1:00pm – 9:00pm

This is for Grandmas and Grandpas only! Obviously! You are shopping for a little bit of everything! Extra clothes and pajamas for your house, books, toys and games that can become favorite memories, a bedding set for your crib, just all the extras that mom and dad don’t want to haul back and forth. Grandmas always have something that will work in a pinch!

Parents of Multiples

2:00PM – 9:00PM


This is for moms (and dads can register too) of twins, triplets, quadruplets, dare we go higher? You are shopping for the clothes (some want them matchy matchy, some don’t), the toys (doubles of everything to avoid the fights) and the deals (because hey, two or more at once is just expensive).

Frontline workers

4:00pm – 9:00pm

You know who you are!  And you have the badge to prove it!  Our doctors and nurses, teachers, police and EMS, Military members, and Firefighters.  Preregister and show your badge at the door for this time slot.  You might be shopping for outside toys – those bikes, trikes, scooters, and motorized ride-ons that the kids like to pretend they are coming to someone’s rescue.  Or maybe you are shopping the educational section for a chalkboard for your child that wants to be a teacher.  Doctor kits for the pretend play of our future hospital workers!  We have it all!

Working parents

5:00pm – 9:00pm

You’ve worked all day, & you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!  You are shopping for everything but most of all the deals!  You always head for the shoes first, because hey, shoes are expensive and your kids’ feet keep growing!  Rain boots, sneakers, and dress shoes are all on your list. 

Frequently asked questions

What Day Is the Presale Day?

All presales occur on Wednesday, and require registration. Tickets are limited! See your qualifying time slot for start time.

I can’t come at the specified start time for my presale. Can I come later?

Yes, you can come any time after your qualified start time up until 9:00 pm that evening when we close. Remember to save your pass to show on your phone at the entrance!

Can I bring someone to the PreSale with me?

Children are always welcome at our sale!  No need to register them. Only New Moms can bring an adult helper (this person doesn’t need to register but must enter the sale with the new mom).

I didn’t preregister for a presale – can I still come and shop early?

Yes, if you pay the Early Bird Fee, $10 cash at the door (starting at 11 AM)

I forgot my preregistration pass, what do I do?

No need to print the pass out, just pull it up on your phone and enter the building contact free!

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